The Plymouth Area Historical Society was founded in 1984 along with the original Museum located at 15 Sandusky Street Plymouth, Ohio. The officers at the time were Douglas Dickson as President and Museum Director, Betty Echelberry as the Vice-President, Lu Vandervort as Secretary, and Dorla Miller as the Treasurer.

During the late 1980’s, plans were put into place for the Village of Plymouth’s 175th Birthday as well as a need to find a larger building for the growing organization. In 1990, The Plymouth Area Historical Society was among the 16 organizations to receive a certification of recognition from the OAHSM. In the early 1990’s, the Society purchased the building located at 7 East Main Street in downtown Plymouth. The organization had a fund-raising drive in an effort to restore the building as a new museum. With the gift from Eleanor Searle Whitney McCollum, the Society was able to raise enough money to remodel.

This building today houses three floors of exhibits of local area history. Dedication was May 27, 1997. A need for a meeting room led to Mrs. McCollum to purchase the neighboring 5 East Main Street and restore it to a beautiful 80 seat meeting room.


The 2015 Officers are as follows:

President – Shirley Wolf
Vice-President – Beth Bogner
Secretary – Paula Sturgill
Treasurer – Lori BeVier
Director of Collections – Douglas Dickson